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Mulching plants is a must during the summer month. It helps retain water and keep your plants hydrated by preventing evaporation from the soil. Mulching also helps to prevent weeds from sprouting. [1]

Water Deeply

You may think it’s better to water your plants every day, but the truth is it’s more efficient to water your plants infrequently but deeply.

Shallow watering promotes shallow roots. Watering your plants deeply will encourage them to grow deeper and stronger root systems that will be more drought-resistant.

If you’re not sure if your plants need water, you can test simply by sticking the tip of your finger into the soil. If it still feels moist, your plants are okay and you can hold off on watering. [2]

Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Help Plants

Hydrogen peroxide can be so useful for your plants–it can save your plants from root rot and many fungal diseases. It also helps to sprout seeds for new plantings. Use a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution once a day and spritz the seed every time you re-moisten. You can also use a mixture of 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 32 parts water to improve your plants’ root system. [3]


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