• Biscuit or Pancake Mix – Make your own from scratch.

  • Books - Borrow books from the library.

  • Bottle Water - Drink your water straight from the tap.

  • Car - Don't take out a new payment on a car.

  • Cable - Find a less expensive alternative to expensive cable.

  • Coffee - Make your own at home.

  • Electronic Devices - Don't upgrade frequently.

  • Fast Food - Start cooking meals at home to save money.

  • Gym Memberships - Workout from home.

  • Haircuts - Go to the local beauty school to save money on haircuts.

  • House Cleaner - Clean your home yourself to save money.

  • Lottery Tickets - Use this money on essentials instead.

  • Plastic Food Storage Bags - Use plastic or glass containers, jars, and bowls.

  • Spices – Make you own from spices you have on hand.

  • Tools - Borrow whatever you need for your project.

  • Vacations - Stay home for a few years to help get caught up on debt.


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