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Used Popcorn Tin

Paint one of those large popcorn tins and turn it into dog food storage (or cat food, birdseed, etc.)

Repurpose a Trash Can

A metal or plastic trash can be a great makeshift container to hide a bag of dog food, especially if you buy large bags that don’t seem to fit in anything else. When choosing a trash can to store dog food, make sure the lid fits tightly and that it can’t be easily opened by a smart dog. [2]

Faux Furniture

Etsy has some seriously gorgeous pieces of furniture– and they happen to store dog food. Unless you’re a carpenter, this kind of storage will be harder to make on your own. However, the piece will fit seamlessly into your house. Guests will be none the wiser that Fido’s food is inside! [3]

Pet Food Labels (Free Printable)

Our sweet new family addition needed a place to put her food, so I whipped up some cute pet food labels to go on basic, big-box jars. They’re so easy to make you can do it in just a couple of minutes because I made the graphics for you (so the hard part is done!) You can find the link here. [4]

Pull-Out Dog Food Storage

Large dogs typically require a lot of food and finding a convenient way to store dog food can be tricky. To make feeding time easier, outfit a pull-out cabinet with a bin of ready-to-scoop kibble. Position the bin near your pet's dishes so you can scoop them directly into the bowl. If your dog knows how to nose-open cabinets, consider adding a childproofing latch inside the door. [5]


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