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Don’t Be Embarrassed to Use Your Dog Voice

Studies using MRI technology show dogs understand human language better than previously thought. So holding that one-way conversation with your dog isn’t as crazy as you might think. The news gets better: that high-pitched tone you use to talk to your dog (better known as baby-talk)? Dogs actually like it. Medical News Today also points out that your dog wants to hear words specific to the dog lexicon: treat, walk, good. You know the words.

Also, reading to dogs has been shown to calm anxious and high-energy dogs in shelters, and brings shy dogs out of their shells. [1]

Lean on Him

Has your dog ever pressed up against your legs or leaned into you while you were sitting together? This is one way that dogs seek affection, kind of like a doggie hug. You can “hug” him back by doing the same thing [2]

Exercise Your Pet

Exercise is a vital part of enriching your pets’ lives. Walking, running, playing fetch or tug, and learning agility or flyball are all great ways to keep your dog physically fit. For cats, try interactive play with wand toys (we like Da Bird) or balls. Some cats can be taught to enjoy walks outdoors wearing a harness and leash. Many of these activities have the added benefit of exercising humans, too. Always check with your vet before starting your pet on a new exercise regimen. [3]

Training and Positive Reinforcement

An excellent way to communicate your love is through positive reinforcement. Dogs thrive off of structure and learning. Training will let present your dog with their favorite forms of motivation, whether that’s food, praise, or play, and your dog will come to see you as a provider of the things he loves the most. He’ll see that when he works with you, he’s making you happy, and your rewards will make him happy in return. When you both work to make each other happy, you’re both showing your love for each other. [4]

Take Him Somewhere He Doesn’t Usually Get to Go

For some pets, adventures have a certain novelty. And for many pets, nothing is better than the opportunity to be with their person all the time. So, to show your pet how much you care for him, consider taking him somewhere he doesn’t normally get to go with you. This could be as simple as taking him to the corner on a milk run. Or, maybe you’ll opt to include him in your brunch plans this weekend. Whatever the occasion is, your pet will relish the opportunity to be with you rather than at home alone! [5]


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