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Anyone Is At Risk

Addiction is an equal opportunity affliction that affects people without regard to economic circumstance, education, race, geography, IQ, or any other factors. No one is immune from the disease of addiction. However, it still remains unclear why some people are more susceptible than others. More research needs to be done. [1]

Addiction Can Affect Anyone

People from all backgrounds experience addiction. Addiction doesn't care how old you are, how much money you make, or the color of your skin; it has no bias. While the initial choice to use a drug is often voluntary, the powerful effects of addiction make it very hard to stop, even if someone wants to. When drugs or alcohol are used so often that they have significant negative effects on your life, making it unlivable to the quality it was before, this is called a substance use disorder. It causes intense cravings for alcohol or drugs, and can include:

  • Using illegal drugs like heroin or cocaine, or excessive alcohol drinking.

  • Using prescription drugs in ways other than prescribed, or using someone else’s prescription. [2]

Who Drug Addiction Affects

Drug addiction not only affects the user, it affects their friends, families, coworkers, and anyone else they associate with. It breaks bonds between the user and their loved ones, which makes it even harder for the user to seek out help.

Drug addiction is a detrimental disease that affects the user’s mind, body, feelings, and actions. Families and relationships are destroyed due to constant, daily, or even recreational drug use. When someone abuses drugs, they are not the same person as they once were. Their priorities and desires are very different. Drug addiction changes you as a person in every way possible, which is why it is so important to get help before it completely changes your life forever. [3]

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