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Start the Conversation Early

Start the conversation about smoking and vaping early, before your kids enter middle school, and keep it going through their middle school and high school years. Make it clear that smoking and vaping are unhealthy habits that are not acceptable in your family.

Role play resistance skills

Teach your child skills to resist pressures to use. Children in middle or high school are likely to be in social situations where they are offered an opportunity to try vaping. You might ask, “What would you say if someone offered you their vape?” See how your child would handle the situation. Practicing something along the lines of “No thanks, I’m not interested,” said with direct eye contact and assertive body language can help your child be prepared. [2]

Choose the Right Time and Place

Choose a time when your kid won’t feel rushed and a place where they feel relaxed, like when you’re riding in the car or sitting at the dinner table. By choosing a place you both feel comfortable, you’ll both be more inclined to open up. [3]


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