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Determine What You Eat in your food stash, you don’t really want things you don’t eat. Just because one person wants 12 gallons of powdered orange drink doesn’t mean you need to acquire it if it’s not something your family uses. Make a list of meals - any meal. Obviously as new recipes come up you’ll want to add those things to the continual list, but make a list of things you eat and the ingredients that go into them. From there you can determine what you’ll actually be after the most when you hit the grocery stores. [1]

Plan to NOT Have a Working Refrigerator or Freezer

Many people freeze foods and consider that type of food preservation food storage...however, for preparedness, freezing your foods may not work for long. In the event of a power outage or the grid being completely down for any length of time, you really need to think about having foods on hand that don't require refrigeration. We didn't have an emergency, but we lost ALL our frozen meats, vegetables, and fruits during our move to a new homestead. It was seriously the saddest thing. Just depressing. For long-term food storage, you'll want to consider ALL kinds of food preservation methods: dehydrated foods, freeze dried foods, canned foods, naturally fermented foods, and frozen foods too. [2]

Create a Basic Supply of Long Term Food Storage

Simply put, it’s a collection of foods that are storable long term, high in nutritional value, do not require refrigeration, and will sustain the basic needs of life. These basic foods include: grains, pasta, beans, sugar or honey, milk, salt and more. In addition, there are other shelf-stable foods such as dehydrated fruits and vegetables that when added to the basics open up the possibilities for real meals. [3]


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