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Seal Your Windows

If your windows are letting the warm air outside, it might be time to learn how to seal them. This can be done fairly easily with a trip to your local home improvement store. Pick up some caulking or weather stripping, and get to work. But what if you feel like you’re in over your head when it comes to sealing them? There are easier alternatives. Buy shrink plastic online or in-home improvements stores. Mount the film on your window frame, then blow dry it for an airtight seal. However, be aware that this is a temporary fix; if you want to rely on shrink wrap, this process will have to be done every winter. [1]

Improve Duct Work

Poor duct design, sizing, and installations are the #1 cause of homeowner comfort complaints! It’s very common to find ductwork that doesn’t comply with even the AC Manufacturer’s specifications. [2]

Weatherproof Exterior Doors

Did you know that a ⅛-inch gap around the perimeter of a door will allow in as much air as a small window open halfway? If you feel drafts around your doors, apply weather strips to the sides and top and new door sweeps at the bottom. [3]


To put an end to the chilly hallway near the attic access, attach a rigid insulation panel to the backside of the access door and add weather-stripping around the perimeter of the access point. [4]

HVAC Regulator

Shut off any rooms that are not used, closing vents or turning off radiators. [5]


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