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Meals on Wheels NWA is a wonderful place to donate your time and resources. Many people think that they don’t have the time or resources to participate in community giving. Just because you can’t donate enormous amounts of time doesn’t mean that you can’t get involved. Meals on Wheels NWA is a wonderful place to get connected. Here are 3 Ways to Get Involved with Meals on Wheels.

Start Your Own Meal Delivery Team

Your company or community can volunteer as a group. It's a great team building opportunity! [i]

Host A local March for Meals Campaign

• Fundraising Activities – independent or in partnership with local businesses

• Volunteer Drives – with the public and in partnership with local organizations

• Community Champions Activities – public appearances, meal preparation and/or meal deliveries by federal, state and local elected officials, local celebrities, business leaders and the media

• Community Outreach – communications with supporters and publicity efforts with local media[ii]

Get Creative

Call your local office and suggest an idea if you have one (cards to send with deliveries, seasonal care packages... etc.). Ask if they've noticed any unmet needs in their clientele.[iii]


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