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Meals on Wheels NWA

Who Qualifies For Meals On Wheels NWA?

In Northwest Arkansas, Meals on Wheels NWA works hard to provide seniors with low income assistance and home delivered meals to ensure that they get the nutrition they need, even when it's hard for them to leave the house. If you're a senior who is looking for hunger relief in the form of food assistance, or you know of a senior in your area who you think may qualify for home delivered meals from Meals on Wheels NWA, read on to learn more about how to qualify for this food assistance program.

Seniors who qualify for meals on wheels must be at least 60 years of age, with some exceptions. If someone is homebound or is otherwise unable to shop for groceries on their own, they may qualify for the program. People who have issues that cause them to struggle with mobility may be approved for the program, even if they don't meet the minimum age requirement. The age and mobility requirements for Meals on Wheels can vary from area to area, and depend on the population served in each area.

Seniors who qualify for home delivered meals must struggle with mobility to the point where it's very difficult for them to leave the house. Meals on Wheels NWA acknowledges that there are many seniors who need hot meals, and even though they are able to leave the house, may struggle to meet their nutritional needs on their own. Meals on Wheels NWA provides meals for seniors at meet up locations, such as senior centers, for seniors who are able to leave their homes. If a senior is able to leave their home, they're encouraged to join other seniors for a meal at a central location. The more seniors that choose to come to a central location, the more meals Meals on Wheels NWA is able to provide.

Seniors who sign up for a Meals on Wheels service are expected to be experiencing some kind of hardship, whether that is medical, financial, physical, or otherwise. Meals are offered on a sliding scale. Typically, seniors are asked to make a donation/ pay what they can. While most meals cost $6- $7 per plate, many seniors pay approximately $3 per meal. No senior is ever turned away from receiving Meals on Wheels NWA due to their inability to pay for a meal. It's important to note, however, that in many areas, the need for meals outweighs the availability, and many seniors are placed on a wait list.

If you know a senior who could benefit from a hunger relief program or food assistance, talk to them about signing them up for Meals on Wheels. If you're ready to make a difference within your community, volunteering with Meals on Wheels is a great way to get to know your neighborhood's elderly population. Reach out to your local Meals on Wheels chapter today to talk with them about meeting the needs of your community. 

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