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Meals on Wheels

Taking Care Of Your Neighbors With Meals For Seniors

Do you have neighbors who struggle to get out and about? Are you thinking about ways that you can help? Volunteering with hunger relief programs like Meals on Wheels is a great way to have a positive impact on your community.

There are many different ways to participate in Meals on Wheels, providing free food for seniors in your community. The Meals on Wheels kitchens are always in need of volunteers to work to create hot, healthy meals for area seniors. In addition to actually cooking the food, grocery shopping and meal planning are important parts of providing free food for seniors. If you have expertise in these areas, you could be an asset to your local Meals on Wheels.

When it comes to getting the meals for seniors to the people who need them, there are two different ways that Meals on Wheels operates. For seniors who are able to leave their homes, Meals on Wheels offers hot meals at specified gathering areas. This provides seniors with a great chance to socialize with one another, as well as to enjoy a hot meal. For seniors who are not able to make it out of their homes, volunteers drive meals to them. Volunteers are encouraged to stop in and chat with seniors. While many volunteers visit many homes during each volunteer shift, it's important to understand that taking a moment to talk with our seniors is one of the most important parts of the job. In many cases, our volunteers are the only people that the seniors get to interact with each day. Checking in on them and making sure they have everything they need can go a long way to keep them healthy and safe.

Meals on Wheels delivers food to seniors in need Monday through Friday, but recognizes that this is not enough for all seniors. Some seniors need food for extended periods of time, as they're unable to leave their homes, or are unable to afford fresh food. For these seniors, Meals on Wheels can drop off frozen meals to last them over the weekend.

If you're looking for a volunteer opportunity that allows you to truly make a difference in your community, Meals on Wheels is a great way to get involved. You'll get to form lasting relationships with seniors in need, and you'll become an integral part of your neighborhood. If you're interested in getting started as a volunteer for hunger relief programs, reach out to your local Meals on Wheels chapter today.

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