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Volunteer Opportunities In Your Community

You love your community, and you're always looking for volunteer opportunities to give back and help others. When you know you want to help, it can be tough when you're not sure where to start. Check out these options for volunteer opportunities in your area.

Rides for seniors - Many senior citizens struggle to make it to their doctors appointments and other errands due to a lack of transportation. When you provide senior transportation, you're not just giving a senior citizen a ride. You're providing them with company on the way to what might be a stressful appointment. You're giving them peace of mind that they'll be able to get where they need to be. When you provide rides for seniors, you're providing your community with vital services in ensuring that your elderly community members are well taken care of. If you're interested in providing senior transportation, reach out to local senior centers, churches, hospitals, and senior care organizations to let them know that you're willing and available to help seniors get where they need to go.

Animal shelters - If you love playing with furry friends, volunteering at an animal shelter can be a great way to contribute to your community. While much of your time spent at the animal shelter will likely be used to play with the animals, you'll also help with grooming, cleaning, laundry, feeding, and more. You'll go through an orientation to learn how things work at the shelter, and you'll be able to sign up for shifts that make sense with your schedule.

Park cleanup - Spending time outdoors is a great way to enjoy all that your community has to offer. When you volunteer to help with park cleanup, you're helping out your area's parks department with a task that's likely undermanned. You can choose to talk with the parks department and volunteer on an official basis, or you can go out and help to pick up trash at local parks as you see fit. If you're interested in taking on larger projects, such as landscaping or fixing up old park fixtures, it's important to talk with your local parks department first to make sure you understand the specifications of the project and have the go ahead to start the work.

Use your area of expertise - If you have a personal area of expertise, such as law, healthcare, cosmetology, etc., offering your services at a reduced cost or free of charge can be a great way to help seniors in your community. Call local agencies that help seniors to make them aware of your services.


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